Device Logistics

Why did CSD decide to move 6-12 to 1:1?

In short, equality of access. A take-home 1:1 program is at its core intended to provide a reliable way for all students to access learning resources, which are increasingly online. Prior to the pandemic, the desire for a take-home program had been voiced by DHS and BHMS communities for several years across a few venues, such as both buildings' technology committees, admin teams, SLTs and climate surveys (staff and students). Staff at both schools have suggested building-wide take-home programs as a potential means to address access to learning resources outside of school. The pandemic reinforced that such gaps exist in our community. Since returning to school, we've not seen a significant reduction in our staff or students' use of online learning tools. In addition, a 1:1 program is included in the district's charter, and while the charter does not spell out the take-home component, a take-home 1:1 program would address the character obligation and the other issues above. 1:1 also simplifies the teaching experience in that instructors no longer need to worry about reserving a limited pool of device carts, and having a standard piece of hardware in each campus provides predictability from both a teaching and support services perspective.

Do you have the infrastructure to support this initiative?


Why choose Chromebooks?

Chromebooks can access the wide range of online learning resources available to students, and they are relatively simple to configure and manage for the Information Services staff. The equipment is also familiar to students: our 6th- through 9th-grade students started using Chromebooks when Fifth Avenue (then the 4/5 Academy) refreshed their device fleet to Chromebooks several years ago. Since then, Chromebooks have become the default device at lower elementary, too. This equipment (and its maintenance) is also what is most compatible with CSD’s budget at the volume required.

Will all students 6-12 receive a 1:1 device each school year?

Yes. Students will be assigned a device in a protective case and a charger. Students will return all the equipment near the end of the school year. Starting fall 2021, in order for students to receive a device, parents/guardians must complete the equipment loan form.

What are students expected to do with this equipment?

Students are responsible for keeping their assigned equipment safe at all times. Students must report to a teacher or the media center staff any breakage, malfunction, loss, or other problem with the equipment. Students are expected to bring their device to school each day, keep in backpack when not in use, and to use it for educational purposes only.

Do I have to use the CSD device to do my schoolwork at home? Can I use my own computer for schoolwork at home?

CSD does not place any deliberate restrictions on what computer students use to access their learning when off campus. Students should be able to use personally-owned equipment at home to access CSD learning resources. Note that CSD cannot provide technical support for personally-owned devices.

I have a summer assignment or program to complete. Can I keep my device over the summer?

All students will be required to return the device toward the end of each school year. If you have a summer program supported by the district that requires technology access, equipment will be provided when that program begins.

I enrolled in the school after the devices were distributed. Do I still get one?

Yes. Parents registering students will complete the equipment loan agreement and a device will be issued to students from the media center.

I am moving or withdrawing. What do I do with my device?

Return it to the front office or media center depending on the directions from DHS or BHMS.

Will the district offer insurance for the device?

CSD has a partnership with a vendor to address accidental damage to equipment. Deliberate breakage, negligence, or other unacceptable behavior as described in the equipment loan agreement and Code of Conduct and Restorative Practices Handbook will be addressed through those processes.

What are the replacement costs if we are found liable?

The cost of repair or replacement for intentional damage can be found in the CSD Family and Student handbook. The replacement cost of the current (fall 2022) CSD student-issue equipment is: $250 for a CSD Chromebook, $30 for a case, and $30 for a power cord.


How is CSD paying for these devices?

The equipment is paid for with SPLOST V funds.

Can I bring my own device to school or to school-related activities?

No. The DHS "Bring Your Learning Device" program will be discontinued and that network shut down. High school students will receive separate communications about the timeline for that change.