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Infinite Campus Portal Info

Infinite Campus Support

Instructions for accessing the student portal

Student Google Classroom Meets Instructions

Using Meet in Google Classroom for Virtual Class

Instructions for getting into your Google Classroom Meet

At-Home CSD CSD Google Workspace and Chromebook Support

Chromebook Support Guide

Many resources for troubleshooting from home

Getting online at home

  • Home broadband access is the recommended way to access CSD online learning resources when not at school. Information about community resources to access broadband, including programs to assist with the cost of broadband, are posted to the CSD website.

  • CSD has cellular hotspots available for checkout. Please email Mr. Nguyen (DHS) or email Mr. Leonard (RMS) if you would like to check out a hotspot.

CSD Google Workspace account

  • Google accounts are assigned to every faculty and student.

  • Google Workspace Apps include Classroom, Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and Meet.

  • Students use their Google Workspace account to log into their CSD Chromebook, to access LaunchPad, and to access the Infinite Campus Student Portal.

  • Account name

    • Each student's account name is their last two digits from the students' ID number (aka lunch number) plus (op to) the first four letters each of their first and last names.

      • For example, if Chinua Achebe were a student with ID number 98765, his account name would be

      • Students/parents can find a student's ID number by asking a staff member for help or by following these directions.

  • Password

    • 6-12 grade students' default password is student plus their ID number. Chinua's default password would be student98765.

    • 6-12 grade students are prompted to create a new password when they first log in.

    • Students can change their password at any time here

    • Students who have forgotten their password and need it reset can get assistance by:

CSD LaunchPad

  • Most CSD online resources can be accessed via LaunchPad.

  • Login with your CSD Google Workspace account

  • The videos below offer a bit of a tour: a DHS student showing some of the customization offers, and a video from an elementary school showing the ease of accessing some core resources.

LaunchPad for Students

Chris, Library Intern

LaunchPad for Parents

Brooke Nation, Westhcester Media Specialist

launchpad at home
DHS Technology Updates (01/06/2022)

Clear Cache - it fixes so many issues!

If your Chromebook or computer is running slowly or your having some difficulty this fixes the problem almost all the time click here

Clearing Cache Video

To watch a video on clearing Cache click here