Devices and Home

I participate in an after-school club, activity, or sport. Who is responsible for the safe-keeping of my device?

Each student is responsible for maintaining the safety of their assignment equipment.

Will this device be able to connect to our home Wi-Fi?

Yes. Directions on adding a Chromebook to a wireless network are available here.

What if we do not have internet service at home?

DHS and RMS have hotspots available for students to check out for the duration of the year, to be returned alongside their device in May. Contact your counselor, media center, or the main office to request a hotspot.

What do I do at home to get my device ready to be at school the following day?

Plug in the computer when you get home. Make sure you put the computer in your backpack (not under your arm) when you leave home. You do not need to bring your charger to school: when used appropriately, your device’s battery will last for the school day.

Can I use my device for personal stuff like gaming and connecting to my personal email from home?

Use of CSD-owned equipment is bound by the equipment loan agreement and the Code of Conduct and Restorative Practices Handbook. Using school equipment for personal gaming or other unauthorized use is prohibited.

Can parents/guardians install monitoring software on the device to know and manage what my child is doing on their device?

No. Network traffic on CSD-owned equipment goes through our content filter even when that device is off CSD property. Parents can find other resources to support healthy use of technology at home from Common Sense Media or the district’s Technology @ Home page.

How can I be sure that my student is using the device appropriately when they are not at school?

Even with content filters and child-friendly configurations in place on the equipment, healthy use of technology also requires an adult presence. Student use of technology at school is monitored by their teacher, and parents/guardians should likewise monitor and actively engage with their child(ren) about technology use outside school.

Will teachers assign extra work since students have a device at home?

No. DHS and BHMS staff have policies and procedures in place to ensure proper management of time allocated for homework and having a device will not change this policy.